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Pioneering Healthcare Canteen Management


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Canteen Management

The Canteen Managementroots of RJ HotMax Realty go as far back as 15 years, with amazing clienteles today. Our business services both Goverment and private entities. RJ Hotmax Realty provides canteen management services in around 20 centers across India as part of DDU-GKY and PMKVY programmes intiated by Goverment of India. today.
RJ HotMax's canteen management division also delivers world class meals and related services to Hospitals at different levels from patients, department staff, doctors to high profile guests. Currently, we are proud to prepare and deliver in Odisha hospitals alone over 10,000 meals. We utilise specialist enviromental health and safety personnel, guided by local and internationally recongnized laws and legislation in developing our policies that are regularly communicated through our training programmes to our entire team.Random specialit audits at the work place subseequently ensure absolute compliance.

Menu planning and healthy eating:

Based on our considerable experience of the variation in the requirements of different clients, we are able to offer a complete menu selection tailored to different specific solutions. We take food seriously for all our hospital clients. We believe patients deserve good, nutritious food to aid with their recovery and make their stay pleasant. Our team follows NABH all standard with Hygienic & aseptic condition of health care to serve appetizing & nourishing meals to the patients.

Hospital Menu features:

  • Renal Diets
  • High Calorie High Protein Diets
  • Cardiac Diets
  • Liver Friendly Diets
  • Diabetic Food
  • Fresh soup
  • 24/7 availability
  • Extended choice for long-stay patients
  • Paediatric menus
  • Relatives' meal (for hospitals)
  • Staff meal (for hospitals)


We maximize delight in eating while following a quality nutritional norm. A quality food diet is chief part of the human well being. We have created an gourmet with the help of the chefs, physicians and experts to offer you balanced diet food which covers all the health specific vitamins. When you receive our service you will find yourself in a home environment as the high quality food only pleasure and recover you. Food is more than just a part of the operation in hospitals and senior living environments. It can touch lives, promote healing, and transform the experience – for both patients and visitors. We offer bespoke support services that are central to ensuring hospitals and senior living environments are safe, clean and well run With our fundamental passion for food at the heart of our business, we enable our clients to fully realize its potential. Elderly people in care institutions are repeatedly reliant on their caregivers for help and support. For them, performing everyday actions such as eating or drinking can be a challenge. This is why we have plans inside and outside the plate solutions to ease their daily lives and make mealtime a delight again.
We offer a wide choice of nutritious and delicious meals from different culture according to dietary needs and tastes which helps the patients to recover faster. All the patients are met by the dieticians on their rounds and any changes regarding their diet is made and accordingly sent to the patients. We give them combination of kitchen feeds and commercial feeds where all of them are standardized.